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Morchard Bishop CE (VA) Primary School uses local suppliers for all our meat and vegetables including vegetables from our own kitchen garden. We cook our food on site, so it is always hot and fresh. Our kitchen staff work in conjunction with parents to ensure that children with allergies are catered for. All full list of allergens are available from the school. 

   Summer Term Menu 2016                      Summer Term 2017

Week beg. 11th April 2016                       Week beg. 17th April 2017

Week beg. 2nd May 2016                          Week beg. 8th May 2017

Week beg. 23rd May 2016                         Week beg.5th June 2017

Week beg. 20th June 2016                        Week beg. 26th June 2017

Week beg. 11th July 2016                        Week beg. 17th July 2017

Autumn Term 2016                                   Autumn Term 2017

Week beg. 5th September 2016                Week beg. 4th September 2017

Week beg. 26th September 2016              Week beg. 25th September 2017

Week beg. 17th October 2016                  Week beg. 16th October 2017

Week beg. 14th November 2016               Week beg. 13th November 2017

Week beg. 5th December 2016                 Week beg. 4th December 2017

Spring Term 2017

Week beg. 2nd January 2017

Week beg.23rd January 2017

Week beg. 20th February 2017

Week beg. 13th March 2017