Church Street, Morchard Bishop, Crediton, Devon EX17 6PJ

01363 877328

Morchard Bishop C of E Primary School

Christianity is the foundation of all we do...


Mr C Sargeant (Headteacher)

Ms S Oliver (Class 4)

Mrs R Arnold (Class 3)

Mrs A Griffiths (Class 3 afternoons)

Mrs H Jones (Class 2)

Mrs H Petherick (Class 1)

Mrs H Dodge (Class 1 and SENDco)

Mrs C Partridge (LSA Monday – Wednesday)

Mrs E Hill (LSA Wednesday – Friday)

Mrs K Bailey (Teaching Assistant - Class 1)

Mrs T Mellor (LSA)

Mrs S Edwards (1:1 support)

Mrs A Worsnop (1:1 support)

Mrs M Down (School Business Manager)

Mrs L Howard (Admin Assistant)

Mrs R Goldsbury (Kitchen Manager)

Mrs T Godden (Assistant Kitchen)

Mrs M Heath (MTA)

Mrs S Dockings (MTA)

Miss Y Hedger-Godden (MTA)

Mr W Rice (Caretaker/Cleaner)

Miss Y Hedger-Godden (Cleaner)