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Morchard Bishop C of E Primary School

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Our Home Learning practices is based on the lessons learnt from the the first lockdown, our surveys of families and conversations with families during the late summer and early autumn terms 2020. We found that there were two main challenges, the quality of kit that some families had and broadband speeds. The extra challenge some families faced were the ratio of devices to children or adults working at home. Therefore we realised that it was sensible not to overlap live sessions as that would prove problematic for some of our families.


Our aim is to deliver a high-quality lessons which supports the pupil’s learning and to support parents with the delivery of the curriculum.



Our online delivery combines live lessons and online resources such as Oak Academy, Mymaths, Spelling frame, Maths shed and BBC Bytesize.

Monday to Thursday

Each class has a timetabled session for teacher input:-

9.00am Class 1

9.30am Year 6 English, Year 5 Mathematics

10.00am Class 3* English and Mathematics

10.45am Year 6 Mathematics, Year 5 English

11.15am Class 2* English and Mathematics

These sessions can last up to half an hour for each subject, the expectation is for a minimum of 15 minutes. (* This may vary slightly depending on the day.)

We will try not to overrun as we know some families have back to back sessions and logging out from Teams needs to be done carefully or accounts can get mixed up.

Every afternoon, at sometime between 2pm and 3pm teachers need to be able to answer questions and queries from children/parents. Remind the children that this is available with the time slot. This can be via MSTeams or email. 

When daily work is posted on Teams for the children, we will aim to include the day that the work is set for in the file name.


We are using Fridays to mark, plan and give feedback. There will be no live lessons, but setting online learning such as those listed above will support both pupils and parents. It also means that vulnerable/key worker children will have tasks set so they can complete these at school.


 Please look at the class tabs for weekly timetables, these will develop over time

Setting of work.

To help parents with knowing how much work should be set we are using the Must, Should and Could approach

Must means every child must complete this task.
Should means that for some children, this part of the task will not be difficult and they will complete the additional work easily, other children will have to put in a bit of effort to complete this element but they should try.
Could is the extension work for children who have completed the other elements without too much extra effort and they feel they could push themselves. 
Some children will put in a lot of effort for the must element and this shouldn't be underestimated. You know your children and the effort they are putting into their home learning. 
As ever, we know that home-learning is challenging and if there are tasks that you cannot complete please let us know.