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Kitchen Garden Project

Many thanks to the Hedley Foundation for a £3000 grant.


Our Challenge

 Over the last two years the school has worked hard on improving its grounds, this has included having a member of staff trained as a forest school leader, working with Devon Wildlife Trust to create a spiritual garden and building a Roundhouse to serve as a classroom for outdoor education. The current challenge the school faces is to move and develop the school’s kitchen garden. The small kitchen garden has to be moved from its current site which will be used for a pre school building to a larger site on the lower field.

 Who will benefit

 The main beneficiaries will be the children of the school, because they will have opportunities to learn about growing food in a real context as the food will be cooked and served in the school kitchen. All classes will take responsibility for an area of the garden and will take care of their crops until they are harvested and prepared for lunch. This process will not only give the children an insight into plant growth and food production, but also teach them about the importance of freshly grown home produce.

 The village has a very successful Gardening Club and Allotments Association which we a beginning to form links with. One of the aims of this project is to forged strong links with different members of our community so that we can learn from their experiences and help to develop a sense of community and responsibility within our children.

 We hope to finish our Garden in time for the Village’s Open Garden weekend in late June, when all members of the local community will be able to come and see our grounds.



 We are aiming to move the garden during the spring and early summer with the help of the PTA and Parent body. We will be able to recycle the fencing and gateways, put we will need to replace and develop the raised beds. The PTA are helping to fund the move in terms of finance for weed membrane, gravel, new fence posts etc. and man power.

In order to find out more about a working kitchen garden some of the children along with PTA members and Governors are going to visit RHS Rosemoor to gain an insight into how our project may work . This is part of the School Nutrition Action Group(SNAG) action plan which has a main aim of developing food awareness in the school curriculum.

We hope to open the Garden in conjunction with the Village's Open Garden Weekend.


Building the garden is only the first part of their journey as the aim is for each class to take responsibility for an area of the garden to grow food which will be served up in the school kitchen as part of the school dinner. This links in with the school’s policy of using locally produced produce for school dinners. It is hoped that over time the garden will flourish and become an integrated part of the children’s education as they progress thorough our school.