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Osmington Bay 2019


Day 4

Plan for Monday is as follows:-

Breakfast 8.00am followed by raft building until 12.15pm. Lunch 1.00pm, leave 1.45pm, so we should return by 4.15pm depending on traffic.

Day 3

All the children had a good nights sleep, breakfast at 8.00am. Street surfing and problem solving were the first activities of the day. The afternoon the children were either climbing or riding quad bikes, followed by archery.. Disco tonight.

Day 2

The first stirrings were at 5.45am, the children are now getting ready for room inspections and breakfast  After breakfast the children got into their groups for the first activities. It has been an action packed day with 6 hours taken from abseiling, quad biking, climbing, low ropes and fencing, followed by ambush after tea. Olivia celebrated her birthday today and PGL gave her a queue jumper ticket enabling her to be first in the dinning hall and on certain activities.

Day 1.

We arrived in sunshine, the children ate their packed lunch overlooking Weymouth Bay. They then spent some time making sandcastles in Little Wembley until we were met by Rob our team leader. The children have got excellent accommodation as the buildings are quite new. After a brief tour of the site and a few games  in the rain we had tea at 6.10pm. The choices included fish and chips, cheese ravioli and chicken curry with plenty of salad and fruit. During the evening the children played Wacky Races.